Thursday, 17 January 2013

Winter's Crystal Art


Source for this image here.

We were treated to a scene of true winter beauty when we rose this morning.  The snow has hardly melted at all, but at the edges of the roofs where the warmth from the houses underneath them has melted it a little, it has formed beautiful icicles - much bigger and sharper than the ones in the picture above!  They really are amazing to look at close up - like glass spikes - yet another example of God's wonderful and amazing creation.  

Today I've been getting a lot of pain from my arthritis - partly the weather, and partly the extra stress on my joints that walking in snow and ice causes.  I'm very uncomfortable, but my sweet family are taking very good care of me.  Papa Bear has been especially sweet, and has insisted that I rest today - and I've been trying to!  

I'll write more when my pain is better.

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