Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Wednesday's Workbox - Frilled "Sea Lettuce" Scarf

Yippee! I have a new knitting pattern! And as you can see, I have already got busy with it! A very kind sister at our Church shared this pattern, and I am so enjoying working on it! It is a pattern for a scarf which, as you can see from the picture above, is very frilly and ornate - like a piece of seaweed, or a "sea lettuce" as the pattern calls it! I'm just using some of the wool that I've been using for the crochet blanket that I'm also working on just now, but if it works out well I shall probably buy some prettier, variegated colour wool and make another one, which I shall use as a gift for a birthday or Christmas present. This scarf looks very complicated but in point of fact, once you've set the pattern, it is quite easy to do and you don't need to keep checking back.

I am using size 4 (English) needles and 4 ply yarn as this is what I had and what seemed to work best, but if you preferred you could use larger needles and a thicker yarn and get a bigger scarf, or even smaller needles and a finer yarn to create a thinner, more delicate version. I am going to try using thicker yarn next time, to make a larger scarf more suitable for our cold winters. As the name suggests, I think it would look beautiful in different shades of soft green and aqua blue.

If you would like to try knitting this scarf, you can find out more details about the pattern here.

I'll share with you again how I am getting on when it is done - but here's another picture to inspire you! Happy knitting!