Monday, 24 December 2012

Who Would Have Thought?

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Who would have thought that it's Christmas Eve already?

The gifts are wrapped, the cards have been posted.  The food is prepared (as far as it can be).  Games have been played, films are yet to be watched, and all of us are having a cosy wonderful time together - and looking forwards to more of the same.  The dogs (who live outside usually) are behaving beautifully and the birds (who have had to remain in their cage most of the time) are being just as sweet and placid as they ever can be.  Everyone is having a lovely time!

Our prayer is that everyone who visits our blog has the sort of Christmas that they love too - whether it's the peaceful cosy sort, or a noisy sparkly time with lots of visitors.  And may all of us never forget the "reason for the season" our Saviour Christ Jesus.

Our very best wishes for the happiest of Christmases to all.

With love from the Bear Family xxxxxxx

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