Tuesday, 25 December 2012

Merry Christmas!

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Our prayer for Christmas ...

We thank you Father God for keeping us and bringing us together on this special day,
To celebrate the birth of your Son Christ Jesus, our Saviour in Heaven.

We thank you for helping us to learn, through His example, to love each other and care for each other, and put the needs of our loved ones before those of our own.

May we grow more each day with your Grace, to know you more, to imitate you and to remember, that  the things that matter most are not material.

It may be cold outside, and dark, and we may have concerns in our hearts.  Let us cast all the darkness and worry away and let You carry it for us, that we might see the Light of Your perfect love more clearly.

Thank you Father God for all the blessings that you have bestowed us with, which are greater than any material possession.  Our health, our safety, our wellbeing, our relationships, our joys - and our sorrows.  Let us see them all as blessings from You.  And at this time of gift giving, may we be encouraged to use the gifts that You have given us, dear Father, to bless those around us, and through so doing, lead by Your example, that we may guide others to know You as we do.


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