Tuesday, 15 January 2013

So Thankful


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Oh my goodness!  It has snowed so heavily here!  Last night, just after we had sat down to our evening meal, the snow started to fall thickly, and it went on, and on.  And on and on and on!  It snowed so much that we just had to go outside and investigate!  It was great fun walking through the beautiful, freshly fallen snow in the dark.   We went to the big park near our home, where there are lots of evergreen trees and oh, they did look so lovely, frosted with snow.  After a long walk we were all tired and cold, and some of us were wet, too, from throwing snowballs!  So we went indoors again and enjoyed mugs of tea and hot chocolate.  It was still snowing when we went to bed, but it stopped overnight.
However today we have had more - a lot more - and I am so thankful that Papa Bear has not had to go to work during this cold snap.  It has been lovely all being together, safe and warm in our home.  We have not ventured too far out today - just round and about, on foot - doing chores and enjoying each others' company as we do them, and mostly we have been indoors.   Our whole town is gridlocked this afternoon, as the snow has fallen so hard and so heavily, that many roads are blocked and the traffic is almost at a standstill.  It is colder today than it was yesterday - and where the snow had begun to melt overnight, it has frozen now, so the ground is not only snowy but icy too.  It does look pretty on the trees mind - like Christmas decorations, each branch trimmed with a glistening icicle.  We went out earlier and took some bread to feed the birds in the park.  I think they were very grateful!  Everywhere seems so peaceful in the snow, as if the world is blanketed by it.  There is more expected over the next few days, so I think we will just carry on as we are - not making too many plans, and staying close to home!  After all, that's where our hearts are!

"Peace be within thy walls, and prosperity within thy palaces." (Psalm 122: 7).

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