Thursday, 24 January 2013


File:German Chocolate Cake.jpg

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The next day or two I shall be busy - preparing for a special occasion!  Yes, it's Cubby Bear's birthday, and we will be celebrating it tomorrow with not one, but two special meals!  One of which will indeed be featuring a chocolate cake - though perhaps not quite as fancy looking as this one!

It will also be the first birthday of our blog soon as well!  To mark the occasion I'm going to be making a few tweaks to it, and hopefully making it a little more interesting and inspiring.  Originally we had themed posts for several days of the week, however I did begin to find that this was sometimes quite restrictive, and meant I had to tailor what I wanted to write about according to the constraints of the theme for the day.  As the blog has evolved over the year it's been running, I've found I prefer to have a freer hand in how I write my posts.  But now I'm starting to feel that I'd like to focus on some different themes again, without necessarily making this into a weekly event.   I'd also like to be able to put up my own photographs again.  When I started this blog, we had a different laptop - a wee "net book" which was easy to use and had a webcam that took reasonable pictures.  Our new laptop is much larger and heavier, and that means it's more difficult for me to use it to take pictures, unless I get some help holding and adjusting it while I'm pointing it at whatever I want to take a picture of.  I know that blogs are more interesting to read and look at if they have photographs, and while we're not at all bothered about how many people visit our blog, it does matter to us that those that do, have an enjoyable and hopefully enriching experience!

So for our blog's "first birthday" I'm going to make some small adjustments so that hopefully it will be more user-friendly, and enjoyable to read.

In the meantime, I'm off to make a cake!

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