Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Silent Falls The Winter Snow

This beautiful song is featured in the Beatrix Potter film "The Tailor Of Gloucester" which we have enjoyed many times as a family, being lucky enough to own on DVD along with several other famous tales by this well loved writer and artist.   I particularly like "The Tailor Of Gloucester" at this time of year - it's a Christmas story!

Today our walk through the park was especially lovely.  There had been fresh snowfall in the night - only a little, but enough to frost all the branches of every tree so that they looked as if they had been carved out of ice.  Close up, each branch was coated in tiny sparkling droplets of frozen snow.  It was really so beautiful, I didn't want our walk to end!  All day it has been so cold that the snow hasn't even melted slightly, and along with freezing fog it has been extremely cold here.  It's supposed to warm up soon - but we don't mind!  It's lovely being cosy at home when it is so cold outdoors, and the bad weather means Papa Bear is soon home from work!

I'm busy at the moment with chores, Christmas preparations and taking work related telephone calls and book-keeping for Papa Bear, so my posts must be a little shorter than I'd like just now - but normal services will resume in a couple of weeks or so!

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