Saturday, 22 December 2012

O Tannenbaum

I thought I would share some pictures of our 2 Christmas trees with you today!  Little Bear has shown me how to take pictures using the webcam on our new(ish) laptop, which means that the blog should start to look a little more interesting than it has for the past few months.  We have a houseful just now - the four of us bears, 6 birds, 2 chinchillas, a large goldfish, and then as of yesterday, 2 brothers in law and 2 dogs!  Everyone seems to be getting along fine and this morning, despite the pouring rain, the menfolk went out to the park with the dogs.  That left Little Bear and I to get our chores and food prepping done - which we did in double-quick time - and then we switched on the laptop, and Little Bear sat down with me and showed me how to use the webcam!  So here are some "tannenbaum" pictures for you to enjoy ...

This is our little tree, that sits in the kitchen.  We don't really like themed Christmas decorations, but this one has a kind of homespun look to it that contrasts with the much brasher, more sparkly, big tree.

The lights on this tree are so pretty - like painted lanterns.  My dad, Grandpapa Bear, bought them as a gift many years ago before his passing, and I think of him every year when we decorate the tree - he loved Christmas, and always went to so much trouble to make sure all of us children had a wonderful time, even though we didn't ever have much money for luxuries.  Christmas was such a special time of year for us.

At the base of the tree is a wooden Father Christmas, and at the right there you can see Little Bear's gingerbread advent calendar.  I have quite a few gingerbread themed items in the kitchen, and lots of them stay out all year round!

Here's the big tree - lots of glitter and sparkle here!  Papa Bear and I have been collecting ornaments for our tree ever since our first Christmas together 20 years ago!

We really don't like formal looking trees with colour schemes and carefully hung baubles.  Instead we prefer a cosier, more eclectic look.  If a Christmas tree has been decorated by the whole family, as ours are, then surely it should look a little bit disorganised?  Well, we love our colourful tree anyways!

As you can see, it's quite tall!  Seven feet in fact.  We have a fairy at the top of this tree, and a star at the top of the small kitchen tree.

Now all they need is a big heap of gifts underneath!

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