Saturday, 8 December 2012

Christmas Decorating

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Well our house has been transformed since the last time I posted!  

We had a lot of internet connection problems which once again were caused by the weather.  Up so high in our apartment block the connection is never brilliant, but it cuts out intermittently, making blogging a little difficult sometimes!  Fortunately today the weather is warmer, so we are online at the moment.

We decorated our home in readiness for Christmas yesterday.  For many years we have enjoyed doing this together as a family.  Papa Bear gets all the boxes and packages out and gets everything set up ready to decorate.  He puts up the wall decorations and checks all the lights.  Nowadays, Cubby helps him to do all this and they put up our large, small and tiny trees and set them up ready for us girls to decorate them!  The big tree has really seen better days, and although we'd all like to keep it out of sentimental reasons, it really does need replacing, so this year when Christmas is over we will think about buying a new tree.  That is when it is a good time to buy a new one!

While all the preparations were going on I made a special meal for us all to enjoy.  I timed it just right so that it was ready to eat as soon as all the decorating was done!  It was fun to sit by the light of the Christmas tree and other ornaments to eat our special roast dinner meal.  We all enjoyed it, and the prayers and fellowship that we shared also.  It has been a lovely beginning to Christmas!  All around I can see our pretty decorations, plus a couple of new ones - a lighted wreath with tiny wooden decorations on it, and a window ornament with Christmas images on it, that also lights up.  These were surprises for the Cubs that I had picked up during the year!  Of course, everything always looks best with the lights off, so when we had finished eating, we switched everywhere off into darkness and just enjoyed sharing in the closeness that Christmas always seems to bring.  No matter how many gifts there are, we always treasure our Christmases together, and this year is no different.

"The Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him, to all that call upon him in truth." (Psalm 145: 18).

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