Monday, 12 November 2012

Our Menu For The Week

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Cubby Bear thought it would be fun to use the computer make a poster for our kitchen door like this real diner sign - and that is exactly what we have!  Yes, here in our small apartment we have our very own diner!  This week we are having a bit of a different menu.  We went out for our evening meal one night last week, and the restaurant that we visited, a favourite of ours (we don't eat out often, so when we do it is quite a treat, even though it is never anywhere fancy) has recently introduced "theme nights" for every day of the week.  We thought it would be great fun to try the same themes at home, so this week we have got on the menu ...
Tonight - Chinese night.  We are having chicken ramen, using the left over chicken from our Sunday roast meal.  I make my own stock using the bones from the chicken, then use a stir-fry vegetable mix and a couple of packets of noodles to create my own simple version of this dish.

Tomorrow - pie night.  We are having cheesy bean pies, made from scratch with a wholewheat pastry and beans that I have soaked today and will cook tomorrow morning.

Wednesday - Tex-Mex night.  I think this will be everyone's favourite!  We are having our favourite refried bean tostadas, from Taste of Home.  You can see the recipe here.  It will be easy to prepare these, using the rest of the beans I prepared on Tuesday.

Thursday - curry night.  Cubby Bear always enjoys curries!  I'm making lots of small dishes that we can put together ourselves at the table so that those of us who prefer a milder curry don't spoil the spicy experience for those of us that prefer a bit more intensity.  I'm going to make my own naan breads - they are so easy, using just flour and water - but they really work!

Friday - fish and chips!  Papa Bear will be bringing these home for us on his way back from work.

Saturday - chicken night.  The restaurant offers fried chicken on Saturdays, but we prefer our chicken to be cooked in other ways, so we'll be having a chicken mozarella dish from Gooseberry Patch.  It has only 7 ingredients, and is a creamy, cheesy, mushroomy dish that is beautifully savoury.  We'll enjoy this with mixed vegetable rice and some steamed broccoli.

Sunday - roast dinner!  Our favourite roast this coming weekend - roast belly pork with scratchings, apple'n'onion, roast potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, fresh veggies and gravy.  Followed by caramel apple crumble if anyone has any room after all that!


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