Monday, 19 November 2012

My Favourite Things

Today we went for a long walk by the lake that is close to our home.  It was absolutely beautiful, very peaceful and a gorgeous sunny, breezy day - freezing cold, but we were all wrapped up so warm that it didn't matter!  Under our feet the gold and orange leaves that had fallen from the trees all around were crisp and crackly, and as we walked back home, the breeze got stronger, so by the time we were indoors, we were so glad to be there!  We had mugs of tea and hot chocolate to warm ourselves up, and Little Bear declared that going for autumn walks was most definitely one of her very favourite things to do!  That got us all thinking.  What are your favourite things?

Here are some of mine ....

  • spending time with my wonderful family!
  • my quiet time in the mornings, reading my Bible and praying.
  • listening to the sound of rain against the windows when we are all cosy indoors.
  • seeing my family's faces when I serve a dish I know they really enjoy.
  • the scent of lavender - I put a few drops of lavender on my duster when I am doing my housework, and it makes our home smell beautiful.
  • fresh laundry blowing on the washing line outside.
  • waking up to find it has snowed overnight - fresh snow always looks so beautiful.
  • ... and so do snowflakes falling in the dark.
  • the feel of a warm little bird sitting on my hand or shoulder - such a privelige.
  • watching my children grow and become such wonderful young adults - we are so proud of them.
  • hot toast with cold lemon curd (butter) on it - yum!
  • remembering my wedding day - perfect.
  • remembering the day our babies were born - even though I was so frightened!  Holding my children for the very first time are the most precious moments in my whole life.
  • the beautiful peace and tranquility of our lovely Church, where I always feel so close to our Father God.
  • big hugs from my lovely husband!
  • ... and the ones I get from my children too - nothing else comes close to the love of my family.
Oh!  There are so many more!  But do you know reading through the list I've just written, I realise that pretty much all of my favourite things aren't things you can buy.  The things that are most important in life aren't material.  And I think that's exactly how God wants it to be.  I am so very blessed to know Him as I do - and to be able to share my life with the 3 people who are most precious of all to me - my family.

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