Friday, 23 November 2012

Happy Friday!

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This was the gift my sweet husband gave to me yesterday!  It was a thank you gift for a wonderful Thanksgiving!  He said he thought I would love it because not only is it a Precious Moments ornament (I love the Precious Moments  figurines that you can buy in America.  They are extremely hard to find in England, so as with this ornament, Papa Bear usually buys them for me from, where the customs and duty taxes are already worked out for you when you make your purchase) but it also has birds!  It is really very lovely - larger than you might expect from this picture, and the base is shiny as if the snow is sparkling.  I have given it pride of place on our night stand, and I can't stop myself from going upstairs to snatch another look at it.  Precious Moments figurines are so very charming and sweet - there is something very innocent about each cute little character, and I like that they represent the wholesome traditional values of love, marriage, family and faith.

Today we went for a walk around the lake near our home.  It was sunny and frosty - perfect weather for a walk!  We went with the cubs and 2 of Papa Bear's brothers, who are staying with us this weekend.  For this reason I shall be quite busy, and probably won't have as much time as usual to drop by here at the blog. But we will be back soon!  It is so fun catching up with our sweet family!  And I love my new ornament, Papa Bear!  Doesn't he spoil me?  He says I deserve it - but I still think I am a very lucky Mama Bear indeed!

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