Monday, 24 September 2012

The Autumn Rain

It has been raining hard all day.  Papa Bear hasn't been able to work because of the weather, but that hasn't mattered one wee bit, because it has meant we have had him here at home with us instead!

We have had a lovely weekend.  Yesterday was especially nice and ended with a "date night" with a movie.  I got to choose what we watched so we saw "Somewhere In Time" which we both enjoyed a lot.  We liked the beautiful scenery and costumes, and today Little Bear and I tried to re-create my hair into the style of Elise McKenna (played by Jane Seymour) in the film!  That was fun too.

Today has been a lovely quiet day, I have had time to look through all my new cook books plus also spend some time writing out recipe cards for the weeks ahead, using my cook books plus also the cookery magazines that Papa Bear has bought me recently.  I enjoyed doing that!  Papa Bear did some repairs around the apartment that he had noticed needed doing, and then this afternoon we have enjoyed catching up with "Downton Abbey" that we missed on TV last night because of us watching the film.  We like that too, there is a new series here in England, but I shan't share what happens so that it doesn't spoil the suspense for anyone reading here who hasn't got to see it yet!

We still have some problems with the laptop hence no pictures once again.  But I did find another sweet poem that I want to share with you.  This is called The Autumn Rain, by Christopher Cranch ...

Roof and spire and darkened vane
Steep and soak in the night-long rain
That drips through the barns on the golden grain;
And a drowning mist sweeps over the plain,
And spatters with mud the rutted lane
And the dead flower stalks that bud not again.

Wind-driven drops of the autumn rain,
Beat, beat on the window-pane!
Beat, beat, sorrowful rain!
Drive through the night o'er the desolate plain!
Beat and sob to the old refrain,
And weep for the years that come not again.

Years, with your mingling of joy and of pain,--
Joys long forgotten, and cares that remain;
Hopes lying stranded and choked in the drain
Of the down-rushing river of fate,--I would fain
Sigh with the night-wind and weep with the rain,
For ye come not again!--ye come not again!

It's a bit gloomy, isn't it - but looking out of the window as I write, it is very descriptive of the rainy scene I can see!

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