Thursday, 6 September 2012

Big Birthday Plans!

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Papa Bear and I have decided upon Saturday 6th October as "our" birthday this year!  It is about as close as we can make it between our two "real" birthdays, and it is at the weekend, when Papa Bear won't be working, so we can properly enjoy ourselves.  We will of course celebrate our "real" birthdays as well, but both of those are during the week so we will not have such a big event on those days.  I love having two birthdays!  We chose to do this a long time ago because our birthdays are so close together (and of course we are so close together too) that it seemed like a lovely thing to do, to celebrate not only our birthdays, but our closeness too, in this way.

I've been having fun today making plans for our special day!  We always have a special meal in the evening - some years we have dined out, but more recently we have preferred to eat at home.  It makes the meal more enjoyable because we can take as long as we want over it - and have just exactly what we want to eat!  Papa Bear always requests the same cake, a special apple caramel cake from Taste of Home, that I have been making several years now, but I usually make that for him on his "real" birthday and then do something different for our "official" birthday!  This year we are thinking of having an "indoor barbecue".  Papa Bear and Cubby love barbecue food - but we don't get to enjoy it as often as they would like as we do not have a garden.  So I have been busy looking at all my cookbooks and favourite cooking websites to get some ideas.  I haven't quite worked out what we will have - but when I do, I shall let everyone know!  I am not sure what sort of cake we will have but it will be seasonal, so perhaps a little bit spicy, or something with nuts or autumn berries.  We don't drink alcohol, but we will have something special and delicious to toast the occasion with - and we'll probably have lots of extra treats besides as well!  We will probably go out somewhere - we have a few different destinations in mind - and will likely enjoy some of our birthday food while we are out, perhaps as a picnic or a meal at a cafe for our dinner (midday meal).  Birthdays are days for having fun - so no chores for any of us, just lots of celebrating!  Of course, that means a little bit of extra planning ahead so there is not much preparation to do on the actual day, but I usually manage to work it out so that almost everything is done beforehand.  That way we all get to enjoy ourselves without lots of interruptions and pauses whilse I organise things.  It is worth the extra effort in the run up to the day, just as it is at Christmas.

In our culture, birthdays are celebrated a little bit differently to the way they are traditionally here in England where we live.  The main difference is that rather than celebrate with people of our own age, we tend to celebrate only with our families.  Which are usually, as ours is, BIG!   We like to have big parties, with plenty of family and food and jolly dancing.  People generally make their own music, and there is often singing too.  All the generations get together, and it is a lovely, close-knit experience with everyone sharing in the fun.  But Papa Bear does not really care for large gatherings, and does not enjoy them, so we tend not to have a big party (though in a few years we might have to reconsider, as we will be celebrating a birthday with a "0" - eek!).  Instead we keep our special celebration small and low-key.  We might invite a few close family members who live nearby, like one of my sisters and her family, and Grandmama Bear.  But generally we just have the 4 of us - that is what we like best.  I think this year it will be this way.  But in our culture we tend not to have parties specifically for one age group, the way it is done here in England.   For us it is a celebration to share with family, not acquaintances. 

I have already bought some of Papa Bear's gifts - and I know he has bought some of mine!  He says the shed next door to our front door is out of bounds for me at the moment!  It is fun choosing gifts, isn't it!  Little Bear and I have been hard at work making lots of plans for surprises for Papa Bear for his special day.  I like surprises!

I'm really looking forwards to our special day this year.  Whatever the weather, and whatever we decide to do - indoors or outside, I know it will be fun - because I will be enjoying it with my three most very favourite people in all the whole world!

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