Saturday, 1 September 2012

A Cosy Day At Home

Little Bear and I both woke up this morning with colds! We think we must have caught them yesterday whilse we were having our "girls' day out", because the menfolk haven't caught them - and they've been working outside all week. The weather here is dull, chilly and foggy, and very autumnal. The perfect sort of weather for catching colds - and the perfect sort of weather for staying indoors when you do have one!

So today, after we got the chores done, we have wrapped up warm, lit some candles (candlelight always makes a room seem warmer, even if the sun is hiding behind grey clouds and the wind is howling at the windows) and put on some lovely music. We have spent our afternoon knitting, sewing, reading and enjoying a nice restful time. We have drunk honey and lemon drinks, and kept ourselves cosy with hot water bottles! Yes, it really is that cold - who could have thought that only two weeks ago, it was so hot that we were picnicking by the lake in 90 degree sunshine?  Of course, we aren't feeling quite well, but even so - that's English weather for you.  Whilse we have sat together I have written out a list of the next few recipes I want to try from my new cookbooks - candy apple cheesecake, upside down hamburger pie, creamy chicken casserole and fresh apple cake for starters!  We will have the hamburger pie for our evening meal tomorrow - but I am not sure which dessert we will have.  It's great to have so many new cookbooks to enjoy - they arrived just at the right time, didn't they? 

Hopefully I will be feeling much better soon - in the meantime, please do listen to the Vivaldi clip above - don't you think the music just perfectly reflects the changing season outside?

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