Sunday, 8 July 2012

By Still Waters

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This is one of my favourite hymns which we had at Church today. I couldn't find a good version of it, sung to the beautiful tune that we sing at Church to share with you, but I have copied the lyrics below.

Today God answered so wonderfully the prayers that we have been saying recently for a member of our local community.  We are so thankful to Him, and so joyful that He hears our prayers and answers them.  It was no surprise to me, when we arrived at our own Church and I saw that this beautiful hymn was the second that we were to be singing during the service today.  May these words be in the heart of everyone who needs God's help and love today!

Father, hear the prayer we offer:
Not for ease that prayer shall be,
But for strength that we may ever
Live our lives courageously.

Not for ever in green pastures
Do we ask our way to be;
But the steep and rugged pathway
May we tread rejoicingly.

Not for ever by still waters
Would we idly rest and stay;
But would smith the living fountains
From the rocks along our way.

Be our strength in hours of weakness,
In our wanderings be our guide;
Through endeavour, failure, danger,
Father, be thou at our side.