Saturday, 16 June 2012

Beatitudes For Homemakers

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I thought I would share this lovely piece of writing from the late Christian author Ella May Miller.  It is so insipiring!  When I am a little better at handwriting calligraphy, I shall copy this out to frame and put on the wall as it is such a beautifully composed piece of writing about the role and duties of the Christian wife and mother.   Ella May Miller wrote several books about Christian womanhood, and though they are out of print now, you can buy them secondhand on or - I think I might have to add them to my "wish list" after reading this ...

Blessed is she whose daily tasks are a work of love; for her willing hands and happy heart transform duty into joyous service to all her family and God.

Blessed is she who opens the door to welcome both stranger and well-loved friends; for gracious hospitality is a test of brotherly love.

Blessed is she who mends stockings and broken toys and broken hearts; for her understanding is a balm to her husband and children.

Blessed is she who scours and scrubs; for well she knows that cleanliness is one expression of Godliness.

Blessed is she whom children love; for the love of a child is of greater value than fortune or fame.

Blessed is she who sings in her work; for music lightens the heaviest load and brightens the dullest chore.

Blessed is she who dusts away doubt and fear and sweeps all the cobwebs of confusion; for her faith will triumph over all adversity.

Blessed is she who serves laughter and smiles with every meal; for her cheerfulness is an aid to mental and physical digestion.

Blessed is she who introduces Jesus Christ to her children; for Godly sons and daughters shall be her reward.

Blessed is she who preserves the sacredness of the Christian home; for hers is a divine trust that crowns her with dignity.