Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Tuesday's Time To (15th May)

How quickly the weeks seem to fly by!  It seems only minutes since I was last posting a "Tuesday's Time To" post for the blog!  This week in our lives it's ...

A time to plant ... Outside our windows there are signs of spring now everywhere. It's windy today and each gust of wind brings clouds of blossom petals like snowflakes swirling down from the trees. The leaves are the most beautiful fresh, bright green, and all amongst the grass in the park are dotted daisies and dandelions - silver and gold, like jewels.

A time to heal ... I'm looking at ways to introdude more "healing foods" to our diet - foods like blueberries, fresh fish, tomatoes, wholegrains and pulses. This week I'm spending some time finding new recipes which will reflect a healthier, more wholesome diet - without making too many dramatic changes to the foods and meals we enjoy and eat regularly - or spending any extra money at the supermarket.

A time to laugh ... Have you ever played the "yes/no" game? We enjoy doing this when we're in the car, and played it on Sunday when we were returning from Church and hit some traffic.  You can play it with any number of people - one person has to answer the questions that everyone else playing asks. They can be questions about just about anything - the only rule is that the person answering cannot say "yes" or "no" in reply. It's amazing how difficult it is to do this - especially if there are several players, and there are hilarious results as the answerer tries to skirt the question by saying anything but yes! It always makes us laugh - and is great for passing the time on long journeys as everyone can join in.

A time to embrace ... I gave Papa Bear a big bear hug when he came home from work today! He had brought with him a bag of chocolate caramel candies! Yum! I don't usually care too much for sweets and candies, but today I did and oh my goodness how good those caramels tasted! We all enjoyed some after our evening meal today.

A time to keep ... I have such a sweet wee white wicker basket in our bedroom. It is lined with pretty pink polka-dot fabric that ties at the front with a bow, and oh it does look beautiful with my two "wedding bears" sat in it! It's the perfect place to keep them, and I can move it about wherever I please! Papa Bear is so happy with how much pleasure those 2 little bears have brought me. It was the sweet thought that touches my heart so much - he wasn't embarrased at all to go into the shop in front of all his burly workmates and buy those bears because he knew how much I'd like them - and the fact that, even while he was busy at work, he saw them and thought of me! I know I'm very blessed to have such a loving and caring husband.

A time to sew ... Today I have been busy sewing a sweet new pincushion with some scrap fabric.  I shall share how I made it in a future "Wednesday's Workbox" post - but can you guess what shape it is?

A time to speak ... Our male birds have learned a new phrase recently - "how are you?" That is because every morning when I uncover them, I say to them "good morning birds - and how are you today?" They have heard me say it so many times, they've finally learned to copy me! I didn't try to teach it to them deliberately, but they've picked up the pattern of my speech because the repeated phrase is so familiar - and we're very impressed! How are we? Very well indeed, thank you, birds!

A time to love ... We watched the DVD of "The Young Victoria" on Saturday night for our "date night". It is the film of the beautiful love story between Queen Vistoria and Prince Albert and it was very good but I'm afraid to say that I fell asleep right in the middle! Just as Queen Victoria and Prince Albert were joined together in marriage! I was very tired and sooo comfy sitting curled up with Papa Bear on the settee! I tried very hard not to doze off, but when Papa Bear saw me falling asleep he didn't want to stop me - so I slept through the whole of the rest of the film! He said it was very good and sad in parts too. but we will have to watch it all over again together!

A time of peace ... We've had lots of rainy days here recently in between some sunshine too. I love listening to the sound of rain falling - especially when we're all safe and warm indoors! Yesterday it rained very hard just after we had eaten - and it was a lovely cosy, peaceful feeling, sitting all together as we studied our evening devotional while the rain splashed against the windowpanes. Even the greyest, rainiest days can be good too!