Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Wednesday's Workbox

I love that those cute birds and flowers, look as if I stitched them! You can create your own design like this here.
I promised you that I would share the knitting that I am currently doing, today! Well, I have only just started it, but here is a picture from the pattern book of what it should look like when it is done ...

I am doing the round necked version, which is all over pattern, as I have done the V neck version pictured several times before, and decided I wanted to do something a little bit different! These baby patterns come in several sizes from ultra-preemie to age 3 - 6 months, and this time around I am doing the 3 - 6 month size, so that I can pass it on to a friend of ours who has twin daughters (I am going to do something different for the other twin - they are not identical!). I often do the preemie sizes though, because they don't take a lot of wool, less than 50 g sometimes, and it means I have gifts to pass on to our local hospital or to charity shops. I do feel it is important for us to share our gifts with others, not just within the family home either. As long as what you are doing doesn't detract negatively from the time you spend with your family, it is good to spend time sharing your God given gifts with others.

This pattern uses a simple lace knit which is worked over 8 rows. Although it may seem complex when you first learn to knit, and almost impossible to follow when you look at the pattern, remember that once you have "set" the pattern with the first row of lace, it is easy to see whether you are doing it right or not, because the rows that follow will correspond with what you have done on the first row of pattern. I like lace knits best, but have also knitted Fair Isles in the past for Little Bear. Cubby has asked for a "beard hat", and Papa Bear is looking forward to some fingerless gloves - so when I can afford to buy some more wool, those are next on my list of creative gifts!

What are your creative gifts? If you think you aren't creative, chances are its because you've never given yourself a chance to try! Don't be put off by mistakes - they are all part of the learning process. It doesn't mean you aren't good at what you've chosen to do, just that you need practise. It took me YEARS to get good enough at knitting to create a garment like this, and I'm nowhere near perfect yet. Just keep trying - and you'll be amazed at what you achieve.