Sunday, 26 February 2012

A Peaceful Day

We walked to Church today as it was so beautiful. The sun was shining brightly and although there are not yet any leaves on the trees, it really did feel as if spring has arrived. Papa Bear and I were Sidespersons today (that means, we help with the collection) so we were home a little later than usual. For dinner (lunch - we call our evening meal "tea") we had sandwiches made with the new bread I baked yesterday. More about that tomorrow! We also had some of the yogurt I made, with apples and maple syrup, which was scrumptious (I adore the taste of maple syrup, which in England is a great indulgence as a wee glass bottle of it is very expensive). Tomorrow I'm going to make granola and butter! I have been thinking about posting up our whole menu, not just our evening meal, but I am not absolutely sure whether it would be better to do this as a stand-alone page, a regular post, or a gadjet in the sidebar. Papa Bear will help me with this, today!

Up above is a sweet film with a beautiful message - do watch if you have time. It's suitable for all ages. I was inspired to find this on YouTube after noticing all the trees as we walked to Church. It fascinates me that they may be hundreds of years old - imagine the sights that may have passed them by, over the generations!

Here are the words of one of the hymns we had this morning at Church - which I think are so beautiful, they are like a poem or even a psalm. Having typed it out now, I think I shall print it too, and put it on the wall in the kitchen.

Be thou my guardian and my guide,
and hear me when I call;
let not my slippery footsteps slide,
and hold me lest I fall.

The world, the flesh, and Satan dwell
around the path I tread;
Oh save me from the snares of hell,
thou Quickener of the dead.

And if I tempted am to sin,
and outward things are strong,
do thou, Oh Lord, keep watch within,
and save my soul from wrong.

Still let me ever watch and pray,
and feel that I am frail;
that if the tempter cross my way,
yet he may not prevail.